Super Protocol, a Web3 confidential computing provider using Intel SGX technology, has announced the creation of a whitelist for projects and vendors interested in participating in its testnet launch scheduled for the second half of June.

It's easy to overlook real improvements in blockchain infrastructure, even those meant to bring huge innovations to the Web3 space, such as Super Protocol, when news of NFTs and rapidly expanding attacks on cryptocurrencies are at the forefront. The Super Protocol team built the baseline for testnet deployment in less than a year and is now hiring developers Web3 implement real decentralization in their applications.

Super Protocol solves a critical problem: without complete data privacy during processing, decentralized cloud computing is useless. SP creates a marketplace where customers looking for reliable decentralized computing resources can meet with hardware vendors (who use Intel SGX to create a reliable runtime environment). For example, learning a patented machine learning algorithm.

SP is able to provide secure computing to millions of users and many projects thanks to its ability to run both on Ethereum, and on Polygon. AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud are generating tens of billions of dollars through their cloud computing products and services. With so many businesses and individuals using Web3, there is a huge market demand for offloading computing from centralized providers.

Michael Blank, Chief Operating Officer of Polygon Studios, said: “Super Protocol's vision for a global decentralized computing network aligns perfectly with Polygon's goals of leveraging innovative Web3 technologies without trust. This is the very type of service that blockchain was created to provide, and building on the Polygon Super Protocol’s goals of reducing the cost of cloud computing while preventing data leaks can be easily achieved.”

Polygon, a popular layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum, provides a low-cost and long-term foundation for Web3 applications and infrastructure, allowing developers to benefit from the decentralization and security of the Ethereum main chain.

Polygon Studios has backed Super Protocol with a portfolio of services focused on helping the development and growth of the community, ranging from technical solutions to industry resources and branding.

“The vast majority of the cloud computing market is controlled by a very small number of companies. This means that users are limited by the terms and policies of these companies. Changes in the requirements for service providers can seriously affect the activities of their customers. In addition, customers depend on the security features provided by these services, and when those features fail, critical data breaches occur. Super Protocol combines the advantages of TEE technology and blockchain to provide a universal decentralized protocol for distributed confidential computing. Organizations now have a wide range of options beyond those offered by the major cloud service providers,” says Intel's Super Protocol Solutions Brief.

Super Protocol founder and CEO Nukri Basharuli is one of the pioneers confidential computing technologies, previously founded a successful company that provided confidential computing to Web2 clients.

“The future of the internet is definitely Web3. We have been working with confidential computing for many years. Now is the time to apply this experience to the decentralization of cloud computing. The market is ready for this, and there is demand,” says Basharuli.

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